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I didn't sleep well last night because of my frustration about the almond pasteurization. I sent out over 100 emails, now, and have been corresponding with the chair of the almond board. He's an ass. I doubt he'll write again. Anyway, I went to a live food forum and someone there said he thought the ruling only applied to those who are signed up with the almond board ? I want to find out if this is true, or not. If it's true, all I have to do is make sure our co op purchases almonds from growers who don't follow the almond board rule. 

My dreams last night were strange and interlaced in weird ways. I was in a courtroom, a place I didn't want to be (this relates to something in my RL) and I was upset about the rulings and that I was forced to be there. A woman was talking about homeopathic medicine being related to her theory of how to make children behave. She said with homeopathic medicine you give the sick a dose of something that causes the same sickness and it cures them. She said with unruly children, you scald their skin with boiling water from head to toe, causing "4th" degree burns, and this teaches them. I was outraged, shocked, horrified at what she was saying. She believed it 100% and couldn't understand why I was so upset. I know, now that I'm awake, that the children are the almonds and the scalding is the 4-log treatment that the almonds are going to be subjected to, in order to kill off any possible bacteria. UGH! I hate that this crap has bothered me so much that it enters my dreams like that. I didn't sleep well at all. At least I know I've done what I can do to save the precious almonds. I hope this (consumers responding) builds to a point where they have to listen, where they cease their decision to kill the almonds.