I haven't been feeling well--headaches, sleepy--so, I didn't get around to updating. I'll try to at least put in what I've been eating.


coconut shake

large salad from bagel store (not organic) with a bit of hummus (not organic)

3/4 of lara bar (cashew date) (not organi)

carob cashew milk


coconut shake

juice of carrot, apple, celery

lara bar (cashew/date) (not organic)

pintos with some blue corn chips

carob fudge--small amount made without coconut

cup of CALM magnesium supplement


Grated apple with chopped walnuts, raisins, cinnamon, dash of salt

lemon water with iron pill

small handful "candied" nuts

raw tomato soup (tomatoes, celery, braggs, onion, scallions, small bit of nutritional yeast)

small taste of guacamole that I'll eat later today

small piece of "fudge"

lightly cooked broccoli with Indian spices

juice of carrots, beet, apple, beet greens

lara bar (not organic)

B12 sublingual supplement

Chromium picolinate supplement

CALM magnesium supplement taken in a mug of peppermint tea