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You know how I'm in love with coconuts? Well, I think my second love is now kale avocado salad. I just love that stuff!! Yum!! I just had my second heaping full bowl of it. I ended up eating a little more than 1/2 the batch I made (it was about 6-8 cups packed kale!). The only thing I don't like about the salad is that I have to spend so much time inspecting the kale. The stuff I get from the local farm usually ends up outside for the animals because there are just far too many bugs and eggs on it to clean it all off. This batch I made today was from kale I purchased at our food co op. It's *a lot* cleaner than the stuff we get at the farm, but still has the worm or bug here and there, so I have to individually inspect every nook and cranny of the kale. It's soooo worth it, though! Yum!



Feeling okay. Still a bit tired, but okay. Last night I had a very tough time sleeping, though, because my shoulder pain was really strong and my wrist joints were hurting. It must have come from something I ate. Was it the spicy peppers I ate with the beans and rice? The rice tortillas (first time I ever had those)? Or something else? I have no idea, but it was painful and hard to sleep. I woke up feeling better--wrists just slightly tender and shoulder not overly painful.

Today is a special holiday that we always celebrate (Deepavali), so I'll head out to get some Indian food most likely this evening. I wasn't going to do it, but then I got a payment in the mail and I think that's probably what we'll do.



I'm learning by reading the email updates I get from various raw foodists. :-) I'm also gaining a lot of inspiration by talking about raw foods/meals with a dear friend who's also eating more raw food. She's having an all raw weekend and I hope it goes well for her! xoxo



* Coconut shake

* Two HUGE bowls of kale avocado salad--with spicy peppers, since it's chilly in the house

* Indian food to celebrete Deepavali--rajmah, gobhi, chana, palak (all cooked, not organic, and possibly with traces of dairy in it) eaten with rice. It wasn't very good, either. :-(

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On October 21, 2006, medamoso wrote:

Uh oh....I haven't been inspecting the kale from the farm!!! I just threw it into M's food the other day, and some soup, too. Yikes!! I'm so happy we have (lots) of kale growing in our yard. It may not be too late to plant some! It will stay all winter I guess.

That's cool you got a payment!

I've just been eating pieces of avocado sprinkled with salt and wrapped in nori--mmm.