I wasn't really desiring any sweets, but a friend mentioned some stuff that she made the other day and I just felt the desire to make some, myself!

So, this morning I made some carob-almond-coconut balls and also some carob-coconut fudge. Yum! I won't eat too much of it at a time, because I'm sure the sweetness isn't completely balanced with the protein in the nuts. It is all very yummy, though.



Feeling cold. I refuse to turn the heat on, yet, so I'm feeling cold! The spicy peppers in the kale salad is warming me up, though! :-) My shoulder hurts a bit less today, but I'm still kind of tired. It really could be the change in the weather (so dreary) and the temperature. Who knows. I am mentally more awake than physically. I'm feeling pretty lazy, actualy.



Not doing much learning today. Just spending some time on the computer and doing a few fun things with the family.



* Two (or three, can't remember) carob-almond-coconut balls and a small taste of the carob fudge

* The rest of the kale avocado salad YUM!

* The rest of the Indian food that was leftover

* More "candy" that I made earlier in the day