I woke up in the middle of the night saying a sentence over and over in my head. I got up to pee and it dawned on me. I was sending myself a message, so I listened to what I was saying. I can't rmember the exact sentence, but it was something about variety and not doing the same thing over and over. I took that to mean that I shouldn't be having the coconut drink every single morning. :-/ So, this morning I made something different, but didn't like it very much. I'm going to at least have the coconut shakes every other day--I'm soooo loving them!



I'm feeling a bit less tired today, even though it's dreary outside. That's a *big* change for me. Usually when the weather is bleak I'm feeling down. I'm feeling a bit less out of it, too. Yesterday I was feeling out of it and had a hard time focusing on things (including a computer job I had to finish up). I wonder if the iron pill I took yesterday made me feel out of it? I would think it would do the opposite, since it would be giving me something. Anyway, I feel less out of it today.

I've been following a morning routine and it's going well. I think I should have given myself more than one hour, though, since I tend to run out of time before I've accomplished everything. I've been putting the coconut oil on my skin and I don't see any changes, yet. My daughter asked me to give her another kiss this morning, though, because she liked the smell. LOL

My shoulder still hurts, but less than yesterday and the day before. My joints still feel stiff, though. I think it's probably from a mild detox--since I'm not eating wheat, dairy, sugar, soy (except for Braggs and sometimes a little soy sauce). I should really try to drink some more water to help flush things out faster.



I'm learning to follow my inner voice and listen to my body. Last night I wasn't very hungry for dinner, so I had a tiny stuffed pepper. My body kept saying it wanted a coconut shake, so I made one. Then this morning I felt like my body was saying I shouldn't eat coconuts every day, so I'll see about listening to that, too.



* Shake made with bananas, agave, salt, frozen blueberries, ice and water, and lots of sesame seeds (it was a bit too bitter from the sesame seeds, though)

* Dahl (cooked) with lemon and fresh coriander

* Steamed cauliflower and green beans with vegan butter and salt

* Leftover carob shake from yesterday

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On October 17, 2006, auralarua wrote:

LOL you are adorable. Love this, keep updating! (:

On October 18, 2006, Wendi Dee wrote:

LOL Glad you found it amusing. :-P