I was feeling energetic in the morning, but then I got tired as the day went on. I didn't have much time at home, either, so that's why it was difficult to update.

Yesterday I had a coconut shake for breakfast, Indian food for lunch (since we were out and I didn't feel like packing cold raw food on a very chilly day), popcorn with vegan butter and nutritional yeast (for the B12) for dinner (ugh). We got in so late that I was just wanting to eat anything that I could make really fast--popcorn is super fast, so that's what I made. My daughter was smart and decided to wait even longer for some tomato soup to heat up, so at least she ate a bit healthier than I did.

I stayed up too late, since I just wanted to feel like I was home and didn't want to go right to bed. Now, today, I'm tired.