I'm tired today. I had to get up early to get some bloodwork done. I'm happy to have it done, since it will be great to look back and and compare against once I've gone completely raw for a long time.


I'm feeling tired and my shoulder is really paining me. It was so painful last night, it was hard to sleep. Was something I ate making it worse? I also felt like the joints in my wrists were tender/slightly painful. Could it have been from the turnip? Sometimes chard makes my joints hurt; I wonder if turnip has something in it that's the same as chard? Anyway, my wrists don't hurt today, but my shoulder is still aching. I'm really hoping raw foods will cure the shoulder pain once and for all.

I'm also feeling like I'm moving forward. I just know this is a positive road to travel and I don't see ever turning around.


I haven't had time today for any raw food learning.


* Coconut shake

* No-bean hummus with collard leaves, chopped onion and tomato, and small handful of blue corn chips

* Stuffed red pepper (raw, but dehydrated to warm a bit and soften the peppers) eaten with tomato salad

* Carob coconut shake made with cashews instead of almonds--with a banana