I was out for the day, but I packed a huge amount of nut loaf that kept me very unhungry. The rest of the family enjoyed eating a lot of it, as well. I packed it with some lettuce leaves, chopped onions, and some homemade ketchup. Yum! I ate it as a sandwich with the romaine leaves as the "bun" to hold it all together.

Anyway, I can't remember all that I ate, but here's what I do recall:

* leftover sesame shake from yesterday

* nutloaf to snack on

* more nutloaf, followed by more nutloaf, eaten with lots of lettuce, some onion, and ketchup

* a small apple

That may not look like a lot of food, but I ate a lot of that nut loaf! Yum! :-D

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On July 16, 2007, medamoso wrote:

That nutloaf was totally delicious! I have one in the dehydrator right now because yours was so good.

How'd it go yesterday? What did you find?

We went to the south side works arts festival and met a photographer who lives in Portersville (by Moraine State park, near where you looked yesterday, Butler county) and so we picked his brain. He really likes it...bought 40 acres with his girlfriend, her brother and her parents, but he said they are doing limestone mining in that area and the dust is pretty bad and the mining co. just bought his neighbors house. But he still likes it there and says it's so beautiful.

We also talked to someone else who mentioned laurel highlands again (near ohiopyle...sort of southeast)--I forget if you've checked there yet.

Anyway, I can't wait to hear!!!!