Eating on the road isn't so bad when you are raw. We cut up a bunch of carrots, celery, red peppers and brought along a nut dip (walnuts, parsley, carrots, garlic, salt, lemon) as well as fruit. My family ate more than half of the nut dip and I had to remind them that they had their hummus and chips and crackers and stuff like that to eat. I felt kind of like a jerk saying it, but at the same time once the raw food was gone I'd be left with nothing and they'd still have all kinds of stuff that I wouldn't be able to eat. :-/


* not so great coconut shake because the coconut was way too mature/firm

* carrots, celery, red peppers

* nut dip (ingredients, above)

* orange

* romaine lettuce (with olive/flax oil, lemon, salt, thyme)

* leftover of the not so great shake

* banana

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On April 29, 2007, medamoso wrote:

I'm looking forward to hearing your findings!!!

Hope you had a great time.