I was up around six this morning, unable to fall back asleep even though I felt that my body was still tired. I watered the seedlings, did some random things around the house, and then around eight I was ready to get back into bed. I crawled in next to my husband and fell into one of those sleeps where every sound makes you jump a bit, but then you are stuck in this sleep where you don't want to be sleeping anymore, you can hear everything going on around you, but you can't bring yourself back to reality and wake up. UGH So, I was stuck in that state for about two hours, before my daughter started talking to me and helped me wake up.


* leftover smoothie that I didn't care for, but didn't want to waste

* salad (romaine, pepitos, Brazil nuts, olive/flax oil, lemon, garlic powder, salt)

* "cheese pierogies" (turnip, cashews/macademia nuts, lemon, nama shoyu, garlic)

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On April 27, 2007, medamoso wrote:

That's what happens to me, too, when I get up early and then go back to sleep in the morning for a nap. It's such a yucky-feeling sleep, and so hard to wake up from!!!