Okay, maybe it's not a good idea to follow what my body wants as far as food when I'm going to be out for a few hours. I ate the salad yesterday and was full. Then right before I had to take my daughter out for a few hours, I started to get a little bit hungry. So, I grabbed the last banana (bananas are very filling to me) and a small wedge of the carob fudge in case either I or my daughter got hungry on our way home in the evening. The banana ended up being too ripe and 3/4 of it fell to the ground. Of the 1/4 that was left, about half of that was too bruised to eat. So, the tiny bit of banana I ate made me super hungry and I ate all of the fudge that I had with me. I was fine after that. I had my water and that's all I really wanted. By the time we were headed to pick up my husband for work, I started to get the familiar you-haven't-eaten-enough headache and I looked through my coat pockets to find something to eat. I had some organic spicy raw nuts that are super expensive, but very tasty, so I ate those and shared them with my daughter. Then when we finally got home I ate a salad with a "taco" nut topping and salsa, ate some more fudge, and made myself a magnesium CALM (hoping to take away the headache). The headache didn't fade, so I soaked in the tub and went to bed early.

I feel fine today, but it really isn't a good idea for me to wait until I'm hungry, I think. I don't get hungry for a long time and then when I finally do get hungry I end up getting a headache. :-(  It's probably all tied to the insulin resistance. I'm still going to listen to my body's request for more and more water, however. That message is coming through loud and clear.

=============LATER ADDITION===========

 So, I didn't get very hungry again until about noon. I made some fresh-squeezed orange juice and ate three Brazil nuts to balance the natural  sugar in the OJ.  When my husband came home for lunch around 1:00, I still wasn't hungry. No one knew what they wanted to eat, so I made some coconut shakes (fresh coconut and coconut water, two handfuls of almonds, one frozen banana, two dates, 4 tablespoons hemp protein powder, 2 tablespoons raw carob) and I drank some of it, but I wasn't very hungry so I have half of it in the fridge for later. I am continuing to drink lots of water.

=========EVEN LATER==========

I ate the rest of the coconut shake around 4pm. For dinner I chopped up red and yellow peppers, onions, cilantro, carrots and added some lemon juice, olive oil, and chat masala. Yum! :-)  I am done eating for the day. I have been drinking lots of water (and peeing a lot LOL), but yet my body still says "water, water, water" to me. So, I will continue drinking more water.