I'm still going...haven't eaten any cooked food since the middle of December. I noticed around the time of my period I actually start to think that some cooked foods look good. I know I won't eat them, but the thoughts are there when they aren't around any other time of the month. 

We didn't have sprouts all this past week, but now we have a new batch that is ready for this new week. Yay! I don't like how the broccoli sprouts don't sprout in time with the alfalfa, however. It's a waste--since the seeds don't have enough time to germinate and they end up getting rinsed out of the mixture. I think I'd rather do the different sprouts in different sections of the tray so that they all have time to grow. I probably won't buy a mixed bag next time.

We planted a bunch of seeds, to get a jump on the season and save some money so we don't have to buy as many plants. I still want to get a few more sweet pepper seeds and also we need to get our tomato seeds, too. I'll probably pick those up today or tomorrow, so we can have a good selection of plants when it's time to put them outside! 

I sent my payment in for a food CSA again. This one is super expensive, but if you figure it out by the week it's less than I pay at the market now. So, in the end it's worth it--even if it cost a bit more it would be worth having locally grown, fresh organics. I've requested that my place be a drop off/pick up spot, so I hope they accept that since I'd get a discount. 

Everything I've read about going raw and eating organics says that over time the cost evens out and it's a less expensive way of eating. Well, as of right now (about 3 months of raw), it's costing us more for fresh organic foods than we pay on our mortgage (which isn't very low for the area where I live). We have to keep adjusting different expenses and moving things around to be able to afford these foods. So far, my opinion is that eating an all organic raw, vegan diet is not something that everyone can easily manage to do because of the expense.  It just seems so wrong that to eat foods the way nature intended is out of reach for many people. How fucked up is that ! It's cheaper to eat packaged, processed foods than to eat from the land! It's wrong, wrong, wrong. I am very hopeful that the more organics are consumed, the faster the organics movement will take over and the sooner the prices will come down. Everyone should be able to afford to live in a natural, healthy way, if they desire. Of course, I know if our income was cut in half I'd still be eating this way and I'd find other things to do without, but it's ridiculous how expensive eating this way can be. :-/


I still continue to lose about one pound per week, averaging four per month. It's amazing to me that my body just slowly makes changes to be healthier when all I have to do is eat as much fresh foods as I want, whenever I want. I have never felt hungry or deprived, either. When I want something flavorful, I make it. When I want something fresh and light, I eat it that way. I've made curried almonds, thai curry veggies, pasta with "meatballs" and marinara, bread (yes, bread!!!) and crackers, all kinds of yummy dessert snacks, etc. I eat a better, healthier variety food now that I'm raw than I did when I was simply a  cooked vegan. 

I don't notice all the great energy, yet. I don't notice healthy, glowing skin, either. I never (knock on wood) went through detox to an extent that it was completely obvious I was detoxing. Even though it's gross to talk about, I have no signs of parasites like some talk about. My hair is still thinning, not coming in thick like some claim. I do have more even moods, now. I am more present and able to focus on my day and surroundings. I feel happier, even when I'm feeling withdrawn and quiet. My shoulder only hurts sometimes around my period. My periods are getting more and more "normal". This month I had very light spotting on three different days, less than a week before my period started. That is much better than spotting more for two weeks before my period. So, something is getting better. My heart isn't giving me as many problems--only around the time of my period does it seem to do the strange beating/backwashing thing the most. Other than that time, it's just once in a great while that it happens. I don't get up to pee in the middle of the night anymore. 

Oh! My husband is now off his bloodpressure medicine! Did I already write that in my journal? He is very healthy and doing great without it. He looks fantastic and continues to lose weight at a much faster pace than I am (even though he's still consuming baked wheat products and eats cooked foods sometimes outside the house). He eats hugs salads with the family, makes fresh veggie juices, and eats a minimum of four oranges a day (plus pears and apples). He also drinks the coconut shakes that I make almost every morning. He adds roasted carob to his, but mine have change to vanilla extract since I have been out of raw carob for a few months.