Karen Knowler asked us to think of three things to describe how we feel after eating the things we've been eating over the past day, or so. My three thoughts: Sluggish, full, comforted. The heavier raw foods (primarily the nuts and dates) make my digestion sluggish. When I'm feeling a bit depressed (not enough sun), I go for that full, comforting feeling that cooked food used to give me. My body has been telling me over and over that all it wants is water, but then there's a voice in my head that tells me that I need to make sure I'm getting enough nourishment and protein. Many times I force myself to eat and I end up feeling full and sluggish and not comforted at all. Today I had water, water, and more water followed by a banana for a late breakfast. I felt great and more energized until I ate a salad that had nuts and seeds for lunch. Right now, I am feeling full and tired after eating even more nuts with some fresh salsa and lettuce. And you know what? My body is telling me again: Water, water, water!!

So, maybe for a day or two I will listen to what my body is saying. Seriously, what can two days, or so, do if I don't eat balanced meals? Most Americans are lucky if they are getting a balanced meal once a week, probably. Starting tomorrow I will follow what my body is telling me. Well, actually I'll start tonight and get a pitcher of water to drink from until I go to sleep. Okay, now my mind is wondering what will happen to all the fresh foods that are in the fridge if my body doesn't say it wants to eat those things. I'll just see how this goes for a few days...listening to what my body wants to eat and drink.