Here we go!! It's January 1, 2007 and the first day of my year-long goal to be raw. I've actually been eating raw since December 17, 2006, but it's today that's important to me. This is the beginning of my one year goal and it's great to start it after preparing for the past months.

So, that's it. It's all going to be documented from now on out. Some days I might not write. I'm not forcing myself to do something if I don't feel like doing it. However, I'll post at least a few times each month, or more.

As of today, I've lost a total of 51 pounds. Who knows how much more I'll lose before reaching my ideal weight. I have no idea what that weight will be, only my body will know. I'm not restricting my food, or dieting in any way. I'm eating what I want, when I want, however much I want, etc., it just happens to be completely uncooked foods. :-) I'm not even exercising, yet. I know as I get more energy, I'll exercise. I may start doing the 8-Minutes in a Morning routine. I have it on my list of things to do for today, but I haven't done it, yet. I'm not forcing myself to do anything. If I don't do it, that just means something inside me isn't ready to do it. So be it. I'm in no hurry. Slow and steady, slow and steady.

I've been feeling pretty good. I feel lighter inside (not weight related) and more present most days. I feel positive that eating this way is what is natural. I'm all for being as natural as possible, so this just seems like the most logical way for me to be living. I love fresh foods. I've been eating lots of salads (probably at least one a day) and fresh veggie juices. The coconut shakes have continued and I do not tire of them.

I posted a private post with pics and weight stats. I'll unlock the private posts some day, I'm just not comfortable enough with myself to do that, yet. You'd think that 51 pounds would be a huge deal and that I'd really feel fabulous about myself, but it hasn't worked that way. I think it's probably because this mission I'm on is about so much more than weight and the way I look. It's about health and feeling complete and whole. Who knows what the end of 2007 is going to be like, but I look forward to seeing myself at that time. I'll be honest with the world--if raw foods really doesn't give life, health, beauty then I'll let everyone know. How could it not do all of those things, however? It's such a natural way to eat--go out and pick your fruits, veggies, nuts and consume them. I have to rely on things being picked by others at this point, but within a few years I'll have a plot of land where I'm growing everything I need. This is my plan and I'm going for it! :-)


Here's what I ate today:

*carob coconut shake (made with young coconut, banana, dates, almonds, carob, ice)--I make this and share it with my husband and daughter.

*salad (made with romaine, spring mix, sunflower seeds, pepitos, carrots, sesame seeds, walnuts, olive oil, lime juice, real salt)

*pesto dip (basil, pepitos, salt, oil, almonds, garlic) eaten with slices of carrots

*ice "cream" (frozen banana and bag of frozen berries put through Champion with blank plate)

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On January 2, 2007, medamoso wrote:

Thanks for posting this!!! I was craving a bagel today (I'm trying to be raw today and tomorrow) but I have new resolve after reading this!

How did you like the ice cream?

What are pepitos? (I'll do a search when I get a chance, but E is wanting me to leave the computer...I only bought the extra time telling her YOU wrote this!)

Also, what's 8 minutes in the morning?


On January 3, 2007, middesummer wrote:

Hi, I just stumbled upon your journal. I'm also raw and have lost 50 pounds this year. When you talked about having lost the weight and thinking you'd feel fabulous about yourself I could really relate. I still consider myself on the road to that healthier me and while I feel myself being healthier and fitter some part of my mind cannot release that sicker, heavier image of myself. Good luck on your jourey and Happy New Year.

On January 12, 2007, Wendi Dee wrote:

Thanks! Happy new year to you, as well!