Today starts NaNo, so I may not be overly consistent with my updates here this entire month. I'll try, but most of my free moments will be spent writing to meet my 50,000 word goal in NaNo!

I'm wondering how things will work with food this month, since I'll be overly busy and mentally preoccupied. Will it be easier to eat raw, because I won't be thinking about meals all that much--just focusing on eating enough so that I'm not hungry in the middle of my writing? Will I be lazy and want to eat a lot of cooked foods that we bring into the house from outside? Or will I somehow learn to eat just single things from the fridge and be satisfied by doing that? In the end, it could very well be a combination of all those things--because I need to make sure my daughter is eating a balanced diet.



I'm feeling a bit tired after two Halloween parties last night! :-D I'm feeling a bit too tired to start my first day of NaNo, too, but I'll force myself to do it! My shoulder was aching a bit last night, but it could be because I wore a different bra last night and it tends to pull on my shoulders. I needed the lowest-cut bra possible, but even the one I chose wasn't low enough and kept showing in my costume.

I'm also feeling like even though I'm not fully immersing myself into the raw food world right now, not reading and filling all of my spare moments with raw information, that my inner desire to go raw hasn't diminished in the least bit. It's almost like some magic button was pushed, and I'm headed on my path towards a raw food year. I have no hesitation in saying that I'll be able to eat raw for a fully year. I'm just going to do it--I have no doubts. That feels really good and gives me the permission to stray from my raw food immersion from time to time. This month, however, will be my longest time away from raw food education.



Barely keeping up with the raw emails/info that comes into my email box. I may cancel some of my raw subscriptions that I don't feel overly drawn to. I am keeping the Karen Knowler one, though. I really feel that her style of teaching is good for me.



* raw sushi

* raw fudge

* dahl

* raw fudge (ugh...shouldn't have made this because I just want to eat *only* this!)