I didn't get around to updating yesterday, because I was down with a migraine since the afternoon. I was wondering if it was something I ate, but I think it's hormonal. :-/

Anyway, for yesterday I had:

* coconut shake

* salad with lots of veggies

* cooked blackbeans with salsa and blue corn chips

* carob cashew milk sweetened with agave

* 3 Advil UGH!


Today is Halloween, so I'm busy making things ready for the fun evening. I always have such a great time every Halloween--it's one of my favorite times of the year!

Anyway, I'm only updating what I'm eating today:

* carob cashew milk leftover from yesterday

* few "candied" almonds

* cooked hummus and blue corn chips

* tiny bit of raw carob "fudge" that I made to snack on if it drives me crazy that everyone else is eating candy tonight!

* small bowl of dahl

* rice and curried pumpkin that a friend brought to my Halloween potluck. It was AWESOME! I didn't ask if it had sugar in it, but it definitely didn't have soy, wheat, or dairy in it. It was so yummy!

* Carob "fudge" that I made earlier