So, last night I noticed that I was having a bit more energy, not feeling so tired. Then I woke this morning, feeling the same way. Was it energy from the juice yesterday? Was it a combination of all the raw things I ate? Was it something not related to the food? Anyway, I feel a bit less tired today. Yay!

Last night, when I was eating the raw pasta and marinara, it really felt like I was eating pasta with the rest of my family (who were having cooked wheat and jar sauce--all organic, of course). My daughter tasted some of the raw pasta and asked for me, but she still opted to continue eating the wheat pasta, too. She commented that the raw pasta and sauce tasted so fresh. LOL I just laughed out loud, because it was such a truthful statement about something so obvious. ;-)



I'm feeling good. :-)



Yesterday I ordered quite a few more raw books from the library. I have to return three books today that are late, too. I've definitely realized that if the food prep books don't have pictures in them, that I'm not interested in trying the recipes out. It's strange, really, because some of the recipes I've tried don't even have images of the actual dish--just things like one image of an avocado, or an image of a cantelope. So, it makes no sense to me that I don't try the recipes without images.

I'm still reading all the raw emails/updates that I receive in my inbox.



* coconut shake

* pok choy chopped and eaten with garlic/oil/soysauce pureed together

* small bowl of that Indian snack

* juice of carrots, celery, apple

* popcorn with earth balance, nutritional yeast, garlic powder, salt