My daughter has a cough that kept her (and, therefore, me) up all night. I'm tired, tired, tired. :-/ I cancelled everything that was planned for the day, since she really needs to rest. She's craving tofu (we've been not having any soy since the beginning of October), so her Daddy is picking up some steamed tofu and broccoli for her with hunan sauce on the side. I'm curious about whether I'll see the tofu and wish I was having some of it, or not. Before he gets here with it, I'm going to make myself a smoothie (of what, I don't know, yet). I don't want to be hungry and interpret pure hunger as the reason I'm wanting the soy, kwim?

I wasn't hungry for breakfast, so I decided I wasn't going to make myself eat something (like I usually do). I'll be having a brunch smoothie, instead.



Feeling tired, shoulder about the same as yesterday. I do feel so much more energy when we have juiced veggies, so I'll try to have some of those later today. I had a few small spots on my face, so that tells me I might be getting my period within a week (which could also explain the tired feeling lately).



I don't feel like learning anything about raw foods today. :-P



* Smoothie (banana, cashews, agave, carob powder, salt, ice, small amount of green powder)

* More of the leftover smoothie

* Cooked black beans with salsa, topped with LOTS of fresh tomatoes, red peppers, spicy peppers, onions, avocado