I've been realizing that whenever I eat out, or eat leftovers after eating out, my eyes are puffy the next day. That's the case today, plus my head feels a bit stuffed up (there must have been some dairy in the Indian food). I'm also sooooo thirsty after eating out. I use a lot of salt when I cook or prepare foods, myself, but restaurants must use a hell of a lot more salt!



Still feeling tired, but I was up a bit late last night. My shoulder isn't hurting as much (yay!). I'm really not feeling much of anything right now...just cold, since I haven't turned the heat on in my home, yet. :-P



Learning by reading the info that comes in through my email box.



* Carob coconut shake

* Leftover tomatillo salsa, regular salsa, rice and corn chips, hummus (cooked and not organic)

* "candy" that I made yesterday

* Thawed and heated veggie lentil soup

* Mixed veggies cooked up together (tiny purple potatoes, celeriac, onions, garlic, lots of red and yellow sweet peppers, some bok choy that I had from over a week ago and it was still really fresh, fresh parsley, dragon carrots, the rest of the leftover tomatillo salsa, and possibly a few other things I'm not remembering!)