Bonobo's Raw Restaurant in NYC was awesome! It was easy to find, inexpensive compared to the other raw restaurants I couldn't really consider during that short trip, the food was fresh and excellent, and the staff was awesome!

Anyway, here are some pics from the trip! There are a lot of them, so if you don't have a fast connection you might not want to try looking at them. I put them on a Web page. Here's the link:

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p class='originalcommentintro'>On October 4, 2006, medamoso wrote:

Thanks for posting the GREAT pictures.

Did you know that bonobos are sometimes referred to as "hippie chimps" because they are vegetarian and also because they are non-violent, using sexual play to overcome disputes instead of fighting? Also, they are one of the only kinds of primates that don't live in a male dominated hierarchy...females have equal status. Unfortunately, they are very endangered. People in their area actually hunt them for meat.