I've been looking for a source for raw, organic carob powder. There are so many out there. Have any of you already done the work on figuring out which one is the best value (price of the carob combined with the shipping)?


I'll share my best value find for dehydrators, to say thanks for any help with the carob. ;-)

I spent a long time debating on dehydrators, now that I've given the borrowed one back to my friend. The Excalibur ones are definitely the better quality for the price. Ideally, I would love to be able to afford one that's all stainless steel, since I detest plastic. Since I can't, the mid-range price is what I'm going for with the dehydrator (I have those cheap circle ones and they don't work well at all for raw foodists who dehydrate a lot).

Anyway, the reason the Excalibur is the best deal is because of the warranty. If you order *directly from them* (it can be done on eBay, since they list on there), you can get a 10-year extended warranty for $14-$30 extra. That guarantees that you'll have a working, quality dehydrator for ten years for about $200. I was able to purchase their latest model (that includes the built-in timer) for $224.89 (including shipping and the 10-year warranty). This model (3926T) normally sells for more than what I'm paying! The reason? It's considered "scratched" a bit on the door. It has never been used, but since the machines are so expensive the manufacturer doesn't want to try selling it with the tiny scratch and upset the customers. So, that makes it a deal for the rest of us who know things will end up getting scratched, anyway! I got a 1/2 price deal on the extended warranty, too. They have many more with the small scratch, all going for the same price.


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