I still have to make a proper update here and pick back up with my daily logs, to keep myself on track and to be able to look back and be proud of all I've been able to do by simply eating fresh, raw, organic foods.

Anyway, I'm popping into here just for a moment to post this link: http://www.theeagle.com/stories/072606/food_20060726092.php

I've been practically living on young coconut shakes these days--adding a banana, a date, and a few handfuls of organic, raw almonds. Well, the other day when I got my normal amount in a bag from the bulk area at the local food co-op, I noticed the price had JUMPED! I'm not talking like it went from the $9 something a pound to $10 or $11 something per pound--it JUMPED all the way to $14 something that was almost $15 per pound!!! Can you believe that? It cost me over $50 for the normal supply of almonds that I used to get for less than $30! That's more than $20 extra that I had to pay for the same exact thing that I was always buying...not more or less, the same EXACT raw, organic almonds.

So, I did some research, wondering if maybe conventional almonds aren't so bad, since they are much less expensive than the organic ones. Well, from everything I read, the oil in the almonds holds onto the pesticides. If anyone finds other information, saying that conventional isn't so very bad for your health if you are eating them in large quantities on a daily basis, please share it with me!

For now, I've searched out some organic almond growers and sent emails pleading for some of their product at a reasonable rate. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I also called the local co op and they said they'd call me back and let me know what kind of deal they can make for a better price. $20 extra for the same, exact almonds!

Anyway, the reason for the link (here it is again: http://www.theeagle.com/stories/072606/food_20060726092.php) is to show why the price has jumped so much. It's a great reason (the demand for organics has jumped), a sad reason (our crops are so filled with pesticides, there aren't enough organic foods to be found to meet the demand), and hopeful (farmers will begin switching over to organics to meet the demands). In the end, though, it doesn't help me right here and now. It's so expensive to eat organic foods. I'll continue with it, though. At this point, switching to conventional could make me sick just because my mind is interpreting conventional as poison.

Every time I pay the grocery bill, I need to just smile and say that I'm helping the earth. The more we eat organics, the less conventional (pesticide-filled) crops will be planted and grown and the healthier the planet becomes. I love our Mother Earth and even though it's tough getting by sometimes because of our organic food bill, it's something I really can't see stopping.