I was feeling a bit sluggish this morning. My lower abdomen was heavy and I felt like my food from yesterday was slowing me down. I looked over what I ate yesterday and maybe the shake was too heavy for the time I ate it (later than my normal dinner time). There is a lot of protein and fat in that shake, so maybe it was kind of heavy compared to the fruit. I really think fats and nuts slow my digestion down, but at the same time I feel like I'm not fully ready to give them up. I do like that I'm more aware of how the things I eat make me feel. I feel like I'm at a big learning point, or something, with the raw food eating. I am feeling intellectually drawn to the cleaner foods (particularly fruits) and how they make me feel, but emotionally I am still clinging to the fats and salt. There's no hurry with all of this. I will take my time, eating what I feel I want for whatever the reason may be.


* small bite of a canadew, which I didn't like (yuk! I can't believe I bought that. In the back of my mind I wasn't thinking it was some hybrid, I was thinking it was a melon from Canada. UGH)

* two bananas

* salad (small amount of leftover greens from yesterday mixed with organic iceburg lettuce (only thing available), lemon, flax/olive oil, salt, thyme)

* two bananas

* carob shake (without a banana, since I ran out of them)