I've been cutting back a bit on the fats. Now I'm craving pizza, so I know I'm not ready to cut back as much as I've been doing. :-P It's interesting that if you listen to what it is your body is asking for, it's not really the food you think, but rather something *in* that food. For the pizza, I ask myself what it is that I am really wanting and it is the fat. In the past it was the fat *and* the salt of the pizza. This time it's just the fat. So, I'll have some more fats later today.


* chopped apples with freshly grated cinnamon

* banana

* salad (green leaf lettuce, pepitos, Brazil nuts chopped, lemon, olive/flax oil, salt, garlic powder, sweet peppers, cucumber)

* not peanutbutter cookie (walnuts, almond butter, honey, salt, vanilla)

* carob coconut shake