I'm still 100% raw. My family was asking me about certain foods...don't I miss them, will I cave in and eat them some day, etc. I said that if I want to eat something, I'll do it after my full year of being raw. I'm only giving myself the one year, so I can do it without a problem. Maybe if I said this is it for all the rest of my life I might be struggling? Of course, in the back of my mind I want to renew the yearly raw plan, but for now I just take this first year and go with it.

The nuts and seeds are really starting to slow me down. They take too long for my body to digest and I don't get hungry for anything when I eat the nuts/seeds. I ordered a sprouter, so that I can start relying on sprouts for my protein. I told a friend it would be ironic if the sprouts make all the difference in how I feel, since I named my journal "sprouting alive". So far I just am not feeling that tremendous amount of energy that everyone says they get on raw foods. Sure, I have more energy than before I was eating raw, but I still have a general feeling of tiredness that kind of blankets my days. It probably comes from the iron and B12 deficiencies, maybe even from the thyroid problem that I said I wouldn't take medicine to balance. I have been taking B12 supplements just about every day for almost a month, now. I notice that my tongue is a healthier pink/red and my lips have a bit more color in them. I don't know if these changes (which seem healthy to me) are from the B12 or the all raw diet, however.  I am not going to add any other supplements until after my next bloodwork is done.  When I was doing the combination of supplements it was causing too many problems with my heart. 

So, I'm waiting for the sprouter and I'm really looking forward to sprouting and eating the little powerful seedlings as soon as possible. We purchased some sprouts at the health food store, but I really like the idea of growing my own without disinfectants (or whatever it is they have to use on them in order to sell them). 

I'm still waiting for this tremendous glow and healthy skin that is supposed to come from raw foods, too. So far, eating raw foods isn't delivering all that everyone has promised in the various publications. Sure, I definitely feel healthier and happier, but I'm just saying I'm not yet getting everything that's supposed to come with it. I'm interested in seeing how different things are in just a few months...and then the end of the year! I sure hope it's all true! I'll be one glowing, happy, healthy, spiritually in-tune being! :-D

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On January 30, 2007, middesummer wrote:

I was wondering if you ever tried Floradix Iron +B vitamins. It's a liquid supplement that has really easily absorbed Iron +B's. It's also really easy on your system. Since it's liquid it is also really easy to adjust the dosage according to your needs as well. If you are having energy the deficiencies you listed are common. I know a lot of people who have greatly evened their energy with Floradix.

It does take sometime for all the benefits of raw to start coming through. Do you eat a lot of dark leafy greens? Those can really help energy as well.

Sorry for all the unsolicited advice!

On January 30, 2007, medamoso wrote:

I was just wondering if your sprouter had arrived yet. Ours came with little starter packs of organic seeds, which was nice. I think one was a broccoli/clover/alfalfa/radish mix and one was mung beans... It also came with a book that I think I got rid of, because I was looking for it the other day! (Of course, that always happens to me after I go through a decluttering rampage.)

Let me know when you get it and how it goes. Thanks for the update!