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I'm continuing with my year of 100% raw foods. I haven't hit any walls, or felt deprived in the least bit. For me, it was really great that I did this gradually. It just feels so natural to be raw, now. 

Physically, I am feeling good. I don't have a huge amount of energy like I read other raw foodists experience. I do have more energy, and I am much more focused/present every moment of the day, but I'm not zipping around and feeling like I want to exert myself at all. I suspect this comes from me being low in B12, iron, and having my thyroid being a little sluggish. I still have hopes that raw foods will fix all of this. 

I continue to lose weight very slowly it doesn't really show much to those around me. I average about one pound a week. The good thing about this gradual weight loss is that my skin seems to be responding and going back to "normal" without sagging like I had feared would happen. Days when the scale doesn't seem to move, I still notice changes in my shape. Things are shifting, moving, disappearing...and I am looking less and less overweight. 

Mentally I am still feeling the same about raw foods. I am following an inner voice that tells me this is the right path for me. I am at peace with living as a raw foodist. 

To cut back on the amounts of nuts I have been consuming, I purchased a sprouter. We have already finished one full try in less than one week. I knew we'd love sprouts, but I thought we'd have to work our way up to eating a full try in one week. I'm glad we purchased a second tray/container because we'll need to be growing two batches per week. I look forward to all the benefits of eating sprouts. I have a book on sprouting that I'm going to be reading. I like knowing about the positive things that are happening in my body as I consume different things. Sprouts, I have a feeling, will be the best thing I do for myself.  Sprouts, I hope, will become my main source of protein. All of the other nutrients in sprouts will just be a bonus!