I'm raw and that's that. There's no more thinking about it, planning about it. It's just my life now. It all seems to have fallen into place so perfectly and well. I'm not thinking about cooked food as I'm wondering what I'm going to eat. I think somewhere inside, however, my subconscious wants me to remember that I'm eating differently than I used to eat. I have been having dreams about eating bread. In the first dream I was eating it, realized after I was already chewing it, that I was raw and this bread wasn't raw. I continued to eat it, anyway. In the other two dreams I was just eating it, not remembering that I was raw. It was strange to wake up remembering that I was eating bread. Does this mean that subconsciously I'm craving it? I really don't feel that I am, but there's obviously something going on if I'm dreaming about it. I sometimes think it's because I'm not focusing on the foods I'm eating being raw, I'm just eating them. Maybe subconsciously I'm afraid that if I'm not focusing on it, I'll accidentally eat something that's cooked. I don't know.

Anyway, I feel great. I'm giving myself permission in just about all the areas of my life to just do what I want to be doing. I set goals for myself, but I'm not harsh with myself if I don't meet them. Eventually I'll get there, if that's really where I want to be (that's what my recent thinking is, anyway). I feel free, or something. I feel really good most days.

So, for the food. I've been eating lots of salads loaded up with seeds and nuts, continue eating coconut shakes in the morning, and this evening we ate pizza. It was yummy. It's the same kind I made months ago, but I added herbs to the crust and created a tomato sauce to go with the cashew hummus. I also thawed some basil ice cubes and mixed in some oil, salt, and garlic to make a basil spread for the pizza, too. It was yummy!! I took a pic and I'll upload that another time.