Today is farm day and it's turned into a big disappointment. They don't give a lot of produce, even though I've paid them $400 for a bountiful harvest of veggies. They have enough to sell at the Farmer's Market two times a week, yet they give next to nothing to the people who fronted them the money to run the farm. If the farm didn't do well, we would have lost the money. I'll definitely be finding a different CSA for next year. :-/



I'm feeling okay, but my heart has been really acting up a lot the last few days. I kind of remember last month wondering if it corresponded to the time my period would be starting, so I'll have to keep an eye on that.



* The Raw Food Gourmet: Going Raw for Total Well-Being, by Gabrielle Chavez. There isn't much information in this book, other than recipes. It's all the basic info, too. I'm still going to flip through it just to keep myself immersed in raw food literature. :-)



* Shake (almond milk, bag of frozen berries, banana, date, agave, almonds, coconut creme) shared with daughter who loved it.

* Lettuce with homemade salsa on top

* Big plate of steamed green beans with butter

* Pizza for dinner