Is there life after pizza? I think that's highly debatable. Today I feel stiff, tired, heavy, groggy, and puffy. My shoulder hurts pretty bad, my abdomen is sensitive to touch because my insides are rebelling against what I ate, my fingers are stiff and achey, and my hands, feet, and face are all puffy. I think life the day after pizza isn't so wonderful. To be fair to pizza, though, I could be also experiencing PMS sypmtoms along with my body dealing with all the salt from the pizza last night. :-P



I'm feeling achey and stiff, most of all. I don't feel out of it, though.

UPDATE: I became exhausted after eating lunch and had to nap. I fell asleep for about three hours--into a very deep sleep that was hard to wake up from. It must be about time for my period to start.





* Shake (almonds, water and ice, dates, banana, coconut creme)

* Hummus with sprouted grain pita and a few crackers

* Few cherry tomatoes

* Dahl