I am just loving these baby coconuts. They are so creamy and delicious. I'm thinking when I get back from vacation, I'll buy a case of them and have one every day until they are gone. My daughter is loving them, too. For breakfast, I've been making some shakes with them and they are filling and tasty.

I have pictures to update, soon. My computer is almost back to normal, so I should be able to post them before I leave on vacation at the end of the month.



Yesterday I was exhausted. I don't mean I was just tired, I was literally exhausted for most of the morning and afternoon. I don't know if it's because I was up super late the evening before, if it was from a sugar high/drop from the cantaloupe I ate in the morning, or what it was from. I felt disconnected from myself and it really bothered me. I had a hard time focusing on anything...having to force myself to pay attention. After I ate dinner, however, that went away. Actually, it started going away after I had my lunch, but it wasn't completely gone until after dinner. I hope that doesn't happen again.

Other than the way I felt yesterday, I've been feeling pretty well. I have more energy now that I'm eating more and more fresh veggies and fruits. It's funny to me that I was always avoiding fruit because of it being high in sugar/carbs, but it really does make me feel much better when I eat it. As the days go by and I'm following my intuition on what I should eat, more than anything else, I am feeling healthier. It makes sense to eat healthy, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to have a healthy body and mind. I'm trying to not force myself to have protein with my meals, unless I desire it. If my body isn't asking me for it, why should I force myself to eat it? I know that everything I read said I need to have protein with every meal because of my PCOS/IR, but I'm going to see if that's really true. What if all I needed was to eat more fresh foods, more green things? Anyway, I'm feeling okay and I'm just going to follow what my body is telling me that it wants.

On a note about following my intuition on what I should be eating, something funny has been happening. I will make something based on what I feel I want to eat and my husband won't really be into it. He'll make something and I won't really be into it. We joked one evening that our meals may just become sit-and-eat-something-completely-different-together times. My daughter loves this idea, but I don't think we'll be starting that right now. I do remember reading something about following what your body wants in one of Buotenko's books a few years ago. Her son, Serge , wanted nothing but cucumbers, I think. He ate so many that she bought cases of them for him. When she brought the second case home he ate a few and then said he was done with them. I laughed when I read that. But, it really makes sense. If your body wants certain foods, that's what it should get. Well, I'm doing that for the most part. Except for when I'm in a hurry to eat and I just make something that's fast and convenient.

PHYSICAL THINGS: Other than the tiredness yesterday, I feel fine. I had a bit of spotting around the 13th and 14th that seemed to be linked with ovulation (!), which means my body may have actually been working pretty well if I was able to ovulate. On the 15th I felt a slight pinching feeling where my left ovary should be, so that's probably what it was. No spotting since (knock on wood). My face is breaking out a bit, with a huge cyst-like pimple on my chin area. :-( Could this be a PMS sign? I'm happy to say that the pain that comes and goes in my lower right back hasn't been there lately (knock on wood). My shoulder pain comes and goes, though. The past three days, or so, I've been feeling like my heart is skipping/fluttering/something. I'm going to keep an eye on all my symptoms of something not working right to see if these things always occur before my cycles.



* Mostly reading raw recipes these days, looking for quick and easy meals to prepare.



* Coconut shake (young coconut, frozen banana, few dates, handful almonds)

* Tomato salad (tomatoes, green pepper, garlic, basil) on bed of lettuce topped with 1/3 avocado

* Slice sprouted grain bread

* 1/4 cup cooked basmati

* Mixed peas and broccoli with onions, garlic, thyme, tomatoes cooked and eaten with the rice

* Small cup of carob almond milk