Know Any Literary Animal Lovers?

Hi there PureJeevan readers! We wanted to let you know that Jim's new novel CHROO is available on Amazon. It's a crazy adventure involving a billionaire heiress, her Chihuahua BFF ("Chroo") and a host of human and animal characters. Find out more on Amazon! Here are some links:

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I was cleaning out the rest of the pantry today and putting things back, arranging things, etc. I also emptied the freezer of everything that I didn't want anymore (like soup bases that I've made, but didn't label, ice cream, frozen herbs that were a bit older than I'd like, etc.). Then I sat down on a kid's chair that my daughter had from when she was younger, but we seem to have kept it around for some reason. As I sat there, looking up into the beautiful cabinets, my goal came to me. I decided I will transition for the rest of the year and then go for 100% raw (or as close to 100% as I want to go) on January 1, 2007. I may have days of all raw foods before then, days of only some raw foods, but I will continue being very conscious of what I'm eating and why I'm eating it.

Waiting until January to go fully raw will give me time to work on something that I want to do. I'm not going to write about it, but I did tell my friend Medamoso and she thinks it's a great idea. If I end up succeeding (or failing) in my attempt at this project, then I'll certainly post about it here (since it involves raw foods).