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I realized that if I don't have my morning time at the computer, I just don't get around to updating in my journals (or doing other things that I like to do online). So, I've just had a talk with my daughter (she's homeschooled) and she said she doesn't like giving up her mornings for lessons and she'd love it if we rearranged our schedule again. So, now I'm going to work up a new schedule to begin next week--one that gives me my morning time at the computer, giving her the free time she likes in the morning (to do "school" with her "babies" and create various projects). I already feel happy about this switch.



I'm not feeling like I have a lot of energy lately, but my mind is very motivated and set on a path to raw foods. I guess there's a very good chance that I'm going through a very mild detox since I've given up soy, wheat, dairy, and sugar. I have started to realize that even though I love the yummy creations using nuts and seeds, they kind of make me feel like I'm dragging. I thought since they were filled with protein, they'd pick me up. I'm thinking they kind of make me drag, though. I'm thinking salads make me feel the best. I'm sure all of this will change as I reach my goal of 100% raw and even as I'm raw for longer and longer periods of time. I'm just trusting in this way of eating to bring about the changes my body is asking me to give it (physical, mental, spiritual). I've read so many things by people saying they felt so great, had such wonderful energy and their entier lives changed as soon as they went raw--but, for me it seems to be touch and go with some days being filled with energy and others not. I expect that when my system is completely clean I'll be able to feel less drains in my energy.

[ADDED: I was spotting a little bit ago. :-( Maybe I'm ovulating and that's what's causing it. I haven't been over carbing/under protein eating as far as I can see, but maybe it's that. I have no idea, but it sucks. I hope once I'm completely raw for a long time that my cycles will be regular with no spotting in between.]



* Sampling different recipes, or at least looking them over for inspiration.

* Looking through different raw foods books and Web sites, also reading through the many email updates I get from raw foodists.



* One "candied" pecan, one "candied" almond

* Standard coconut shake

* Huge salad (mixed lettuce and greens, red onions, lots of garlic, baby yellow squash, red and yellow tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, flax oil, lemon, salt) eaten with two pieces Rawvolution's famous onion bread spread wtih seed "cheese"

* I'm pretty sure this was a very late night for us, so we ended up eating out. I think I had Indian (chickpeas, cauliflower, kidney beans with rice)--all cooked, of course, and may have had traces of dairy in it. :-(

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On October 18, 2006, medamoso wrote:

When I was raw before (and pregnant with E) I ate lots of green salads and seaweed salads because that's what felt good to eat, and I felt really good most of the time, too.