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I absolutely adore young coconuts! When I was in India I was given coconuts to drink from that were taken right from the tree, the top was hacked off with a machete-type knife, and a straw was inserted for me to drink it. Had I known at that time that there was the most delicate coconut pudding left behind after I drank the sweet juice, I would have gotten a spoon (or stick, or anything else that would work!) to scoop it out to eat! Coconuts get a lot of bad rap because of the fat content, but studies show that it doesn't cause anything negative to happen in the human body--in fact, it causes positive changes (including weight loss!).

My daughter prefers the mature coconuts to the young ones, but I think she just hasn't given the young one enough sampling. I'll incorporate it into more dessert-type foods in the future and see if she likes it, then. What she loves about the young coconut, however, is slowly removing the outer white husk to expose the hairy nut inside. She then takes care to strip the hair and has a beautiful coconut cup/bowl left! She worked a lot on her creation last night and says she might beeswax the outer part once she has it completely smooth. She had such fun with it, that I don't mind spending another $2 on one in the near future (I can drink and eat the amazing contents and she can create something from the outer parts).



Well, first I'm feeling relieved that I made it through that horribly humid, hot day yesterday! I ended up with a headache at the end of the day, but that could be from my menstrual cycle's hormonal switch that's going on. I'm happy that I had a period that wasn't too light, so that my uterus won't feel so heavy. Right now it's slowing down and it should be stopping in a day, or two.

My eyes are dry, but I woke last night realizing that they weren't closed all the way (!) while I was sleeping and the overhead fan was causing them to dry out. Why weren't my eyes closing all the way while I was sleeping?



* Reading some more from Sunfood Cuisine



* Small cup of soymilk

* 1/2 a banana

* Small handful walnuts

* Small cup of soymilk

* Chopped veggie salad: dragon carrots, peppers, fennel, onion, garlic, parsley, tomatoes, zucchini, lemon, oil, salt, and probably some things I've forgotten

* One piece sprouted grain bread

* 1/2 a banana

* Pizza [not organic in any way, shape, or form]

* Soda (7 Up)

* Small amount of Reeses Pieces

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On August 3, 2006, medamoso wrote:

If you want to buy nine all at once, you can buy the whole case at the coop for a discount (I think it was $13 for 9), or you can get the case at Lotus (Asian grocery in the strip) for even less--maybe $11 for 9 young coconuts. That's a lot of coconuts, though!

On August 3, 2006, wtchywmyn wrote:

Yum @ Young Cocos! I might just move there and live on those and mangos!