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Today's post isn't specifically about raw foods. But, we wanted to post a few videos highlighting some interesting research by an Italian doctor named Tullio Simoncini, who just might be onto something HUGE! Dr. Simoncini treats certain cancer patients with ordinary sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), based on his premise that cancer is a fungal problem and that a solution of baking soda is anti-fungal. Naturally, he's been vilified by the medical establishment for making such a seemingly simplistic claim. But, what if he's right?

Here at Pure Jeevan, we're very much into health research -- not so much with an aim to cure any specific disease or ailment, but rather to understand ways in which our bodies can become what we like to call unbalanced, as well as the ways in which we might return our bodies to proper balance, when necessary. In this way, I suppose that we, like many in the natural health world, feel that the body is amazingly capable of healing itself (in many circumstances) as long as the body is able to find a favorable state from which it can properly do what it naturally wants to -- which is to return the body to an optimal state of health.

Medical doctors don't buy into this theory very much. ?However, it's certainly ironic how, where certain areas of standard medical practice are concerned, what I described above is exactly what doctors do. Take something like a broken bone, for example. A doctor does not normally attempt to surgically repair the bone itself. Rather, the standard and time-honored practice is to set the bone (say, with a cast), and then to let your body heal the break naturally, on its own, making those skeletal connections as only the imponderably complex, ever-evolving wisdom of the human body can facilitate. (True, doctors do often intervene these days with surgery for broken bones. But, their aim there is mainly to position the bones for proper healing, and/or to do things like insert pins in an attempt to improve functionality after healing. Either way, the procedure here still relies on the body's ability to eventually heal the problem.) Standard medical knowledge in this area is without question outstanding -- and this is why most people in the natural health world have little problem with going to see a medical doctor for emergency treatment.

Chronic disease treatments are another story. In the standard medical world, they're generally aimed more at relieving the symptom rather than considering the cause. Diabetics, for example, are given insulin instead of being asked to change their diets. Here at Pure Jeevan, we're generally more interested in learning about the root causes as well as the possible ways to reverse a given condition naturally -- or, when that's not an option, doing so as naturally as possible, working in harmony with the body's processes.

So, it was pretty exciting for us to review these videos because of their simplicity, the more natural characteristics and components described, the way that Dr. Simoncini's methods seem to cooperate more with the human body rather than by effectively poisoning it (as with chemo and other harsh chemicals). And, not only that, but considering the education in live blood and "Nadi Balance" work that Wendi and I have been accumulating, we're excited that quite a lot of his theories fall in line well with the research we've been engaged with lately. Also, I'd just mentioned last week how we'd been interested recently in Dr. Gabriel Cousen's book, "There Is a Cure for Diabetes." In that book, Dr. Cousens relates the Seven Stages of Disease, a well known 80-year-old theory from a doctor named John Tilden. Quite interestingly, Tilden specifies that one possibility for the final, seventh, stage is "Fungation," which basically means cancer. (There's a pretty good summary of that here.) So, again, a lot of what Simoncini is saying strikes us as important.

In any case, while we may not be focused here at Pure Jeevan on, say, the causes and cures for cancer, the following videos did catch our interest this week because the hypotheses discussed fit in rather well with the overall body of research we've been doing over the past few years. So, we hope you find them informative and thought-provoking.

Update: For these videos, please search for "Tullio Simoncini" on Youtube. The vids we ran here were removed from Youtube.

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On August 20, 2010, Tressey wrote:

Very intriguing information. Thank God for doctors who are willing to think and act outside the box, yet within the realm of reason and nature.