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After leaving the windy area of Prescott Valley, AZ, Wendi and KDcat headed up to Sedona. Today is part one of their Sedona visit, focusing on their visit with raw chocolatier, Kelly Johnson. We'll pick up with Wendi's travelogue, where we last left off:

It was great driving to Sedona, since I have a fond place in my heart for this magical spot. I'll talk more about that later, though. When we arrived, went directly to a raw restaurant I remembered visiting a few years ago. The name had changed, and there was a lot more going on there.

KDcat and I placed an order for some food to go (we wanted to have a picnic, rather than be inside when there was so much beauty around), and then met the lovely Kelly Johnson. Kelly is one of the owners of the raw restaurant and he agreed to do a quick interview to tell us about the restaurant and what had changed since the last time I was in Sedona.

Here's that video:

Kelly was great to talk with. I loved his energy and KDcat really liked him a lot, too. As you'll see in the video, the raw restaurant I visited in the past has expanded and is now called ChocolaTree Cafe. There's a beautiful outdoor garden area, complete with waterfall and hammock, among other things. It's a peaceful setting in which to eat a delicous raw meal. They've made some nice changes within the cafe, too, including adding beautiful cases for their products (which includes the most impressive variety of raw chocolates I've ever seen!).

After the initial interview, Kelly showed us around the chocolate production area he is running right there at the restaurant, under his company called Chocolate Super Foods. The place smelled divine! I wish there was a way to bottle up smells so I could share them with everyone. We met one of the chocolate production staff members, and got a peek at the main tool used to produce the chocolates and truly raw nut butters. The tool was something that was created specifically for Kelly and his chocolate business, but he was happy to share it with all of our Pure Jeevan family members who might be interested in creating their own chocolate companies. I love how so many companies in the raw community are open to sharing what they've been learning and doing, rather than keeping it all proprietary and competitive.

Before leaving, Kelly gifted us a case of his delicious L.O.V.E. cups! Wow, that's some great chocolate! Before we left, he also handed me a chocolate bar that was made from 100% cacao, with the warning to only take small nibbles on it. I've been sampling raw chocolate as we cross the country and this chocolate is definitely some of my favorite. I was thrilled to hear that our snack sponsor, Natural Zing, sells Kelly's chocolate products. I shouldn't be surprised, since Natural Zing seems to focus on some of the best raw products around! Did I say how much I love Natural Zing? Stay tuned tomorrow to hear more about how that love came to be!

Tomorrow: Sedona Part Two!

We hope you ll check out our generous snack sponsor for the trip, Natural Zing, who made our travels extra enjoyable! They have the best selection of raw food snacks, supplies, and appliances for a raw food lifestyle!