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I'm still sticking with my mono meal eating for Navratri. It's not as easy as I thought it would be, probably because I thought I wouldn't have any problems at all. Anyway, I'm sticking to it and we'll see if it makes me feel more energetic and healthy after the nine days are completed.

April 11, 2008

I woke around 6am. I guess on mono meals I only require about eight hours of sleep. Normally I need closer to nine to feel good the next day. I ve always required a lot of sleep, even as a child. I m wondering what food I ll switch to at the end of the day. I had apples as one of my choices, but Jim has been feeding them to our puppy so there aren t enough to use them as one of my mono meals. I may have to do two days of bananas, until I get to the grocery store this weekend. I have to admit, the thought of only bananas isn t a bad idea to me.


I had to go out this morning with KDcat (daughter) for a dental checkup (no cavities!). So, I took eight bananas. I m back now and all eight are gone. I finished the last one a few minutes before returning home. I m thinking I ll switch to oranges this evening, but I m not sure, yet.


I had intense stomach cramps earlier today, around 3pm. I ate one banana, wondering if that would make me feel better. But, then I felt nauseous. The cramps were so bad that I had to lie down. I felt extremely tired as soon as I was in bed and fell asleep almost instantly. I woke with my entire abdomen feeling a bit tender, but the pain was gone. It hasn t returned. Just now I ate four more bananas.

I ve decided that I ll finish eating the bananas that I have. Once they run out (probably around lunch time tomorrow), I ll switch to oranges again (since I have a lot still here).


Well, my body felt awful with those cramps and then the small amount of nausea. Other than that, I am feeling well. I have to admit that I m kind of disappointed that I m not seeing dramatic changes in my skin. I thought for sure my skin would become even clearer and smoother. My nails are definitely firmer, so that s nice.

Emotionally, I am feeling okay. I don t feel like I m floating around with extreme happiness, but I don t feel like I m very down, either. I ve had intense cravings whenever I smell anything cooked. I never craved cooked food this much all while I ve been raw, but now that I m consuming only mono foods I find myself craving and thinking about cooked foods (all kinds, too not just Indian food, which is my favorite). I won t eat it, of course. Even though I crave it, I don t really want it! If I did, I d eat it, right? ;-)

I ve had a few moments today when I felt love flowing in and around me, coming from deep within myself. It didn t last very long, but it s always enjoyable to feel that. One day I shall walk the earth feeling that love and bliss in a never ending way, sharing it with those around me.