Know Any Literary Animal Lovers?

Hi there PureJeevan readers! We wanted to let you know that Jim's new novel CHROO is available on Amazon. It's a crazy adventure involving a billionaire heiress, her Chihuahua BFF ("Chroo") and a host of human and animal characters. Find out more on Amazon! Here are some links:

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Continuing on, today, with Wendi's San Francisco travelogue:

While on our walk, Pete pointed out that in the building on our right there are some amazing kale chips being produced. Kale chips ! I asked if he was referring to raw food kale chips and he nodded. Of course, I had to investigate and find out who was producing them and possibly meet the person. Well, what a treat we were in for!

One of the workers directed us to an office nearby where we met a lovely woman named Blessing. It turns out, Blessing is the producer of the kale chips we received from our Official Snack Sponsor during our tour, Natural Zing. Not only does Blessing produce some of the most popular kale chips in the raw community, her company is also the manufacturer of the famously delicious "Raweo" cookies (which you can find on Natural Zing's site)!

Blessing showed us around her warehouse and did an interview for our blog. Her product line includes much more than the kale chips and Raweos, which are selling extremely well through her company Blessing's Alive & Radiant Foods. I felt a strong connection with Blessing and look forward to spending time with her again. It was such a nice treat to stumble across her business while just walking down the street with my friend, Pete! Somehow we forget to get a photo taken of Pete and I together, but I did get one of Blessing and I (above). Here's our video interview:

Blessing's site is:

Once again, we d love to thank our generous trip snack sponsor, Natural Zing (which carries products by Blessing!!), for helping us to make this possible on our budget!