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Jim here with another exciting installment of Weird Wednesday. (What, you thought that just because Wendi is out of town this week, we'd have no Weird Wednesday )

In any discipline, I think it's important to consider the entire argument in taking a stance on a given issue. Examine each issue from both sides (pro and con) -- and then make the best choice you can. That makes sense, right?

Take raw foodism, for example. I always knew it was radical. However, I never knew until today that medical doctors actually have a term for the "condition."? They call it orthorexia, an unhealthyobsession with eating healthfully. According to the Wikipedia, the condition "can ultimately lead to early death."

The funny thing is:? If eating healthy can lead to an early death, then isn't that the same as saying that eating junk food prolongs life? And, if this is the case, should I gain back the 50 pounds I lost and go back on blood pressure medicine ? Should Wendi gain back the 90 pounds she lost and re-experience the joys of high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and the general pre-diabetic state she was flirting with?

Dr. Steven Bratman, coiner of the term, asserts that the condition renders you a pariah. But, is it really that difficult to go out to lunch with friends and order a salad instead of the cheesesteak? Personally, it hasn't affected me much, aside from keeping my weight in check. Seriously, read those links and weigh in with your opinion, pro or con.

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On March 16, 2008, Yardsnacker wrote:

I've been dealing with this exact issue this week! I guess darned if you do, darned if you don't right? I had a friend tell me that raw foodies were somehow pious. ? I yi yi. Well it makes little difference to me, I'm still losing weight on all levels and feel fantastic! :D

On March 19, 2008, Wendi wrote:

Good for you, Sam, to not let others bring you down! Some day those who call names and see raw foodism as some sort of sickness will realize that raw foodists are actually the vibrant, happy people they keep seeing around them---then maybe they'll begin to question their thinking and name calling. ;-)

FANTASTIC is the perfect word to describe how we can feel on all levels when consuming a truly healthy diet!

Lots of love to you,