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A few years ago, my dear friend Melissa and I decided to split the cost and order a raw food home study course (then known as The Dr. Ann Wigmore Program).Let me tell you, this was not a cheap program that we purchased, but at that time there wasn't as much free information available on the Internet like we now have.

Was it worth the cost? Well, kind of. Since we had both been reading and learning so much about raw foods (she had actually been raw for a long time many years before), much of the information wasn't new to us. However, if someone was newly learning about raw foods, the program would probably have been fantastic. The quality of the materials we received wasn't great (photocopies of photocopies that were sometimes difficult to read, and some videos that were blurry or difficult to hear), but at least we had a lot of information at our fingertips.

When I ?decided to go completely raw again, I pulled out the videos and printed materials and used them as a form of motivation to continually surround myself with raw food information. I didn't rely solely on the information in the program, I also devoured any new raw food preparation books I could find through the library, and I found all kinds of raw food blogs and communities on the Internet. I figured that if I really wanted to do it, truly wanted to become a 100% raw foodist, I'd need some sort of support. For me, that support was going to come from constant inspiration by surrounding myself with any raw food knowledge I could acquire.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because that program that we purchased has been revised by the publishers and it may be of better quality, now. I'm not here to promote one thing over another, but what the company is offering might be something you want to check out......

Take the time to join a contest to...


Dr. Ann Wigmore

Raw Food Home Study Course!

It doesn't seem like there are any strings attached to entering the publisher's contest. The rules are simple:

1. You must leave a blog comment to be eligible to win the contest.

2. In the blog comment, you must say why you feel that you should win the course and why you feel the raw diet will help you achieve greater health.

So, if you have the time and feel lucky, go ahead and ENTER THE CONTEST. If you do, I hope you win the program and then let me know what you think of it!

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On April 30, 2008, Penni wrote:

Thanks for letting us know about this opportunity. I have two of Ann Wigmore's book's and I totally respect her story and all that she brought to the resurgence of raw and living foods.


On April 30, 2008, Wendi wrote:


I wish I could have met Ann Wigmore. It was fun watching and hearing her on the videos that came with the program. She was certainly a passionate woman about foods and healing.

Lots of love to you,