I had a coconut shake this morning, since I'm out of the house until about 2:00. Those shakes are pretty filling. I brought along a banana and some Brazil nuts, too, in case I get hungry. I'm mostly thirsty, however.

Last night I had a slight headache the entire evening. I still have it today, but it's not very strong. It could be from hormones switching my period off, or it could be a cold that I'm fighting and not showing any symptoms from (husband has sore throat and runny nose, daughter has sore throat). It will be interesting if everyone has a cold and I don't get all of the symptoms.

My dream last night was about eating cooked food. I ate palak paneer, a lot of it, and wanted to take more home with me. Then I realized I had eaten cooked food and I was shocked that I did it and didn't realize what I was doing. I wonder if dehydrating that green thai curry last night cooked it slightly?


* carob coconut shake (made usual way)

* LOTS of water--maybe because of the spicy dish last night?

* veggie stir not fry

* small amount of daughter's leftover coconut shake

* simple salad with arugula and red bib(I think that's what it was called) lettuce with olive oil, lemon, salt, garlic powder

* banana date smoothie with vanilla extract

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On April 19, 2007, medamoso wrote:

maybe it just tasted cooked, and it seeped into your subconscious that you'd eaten cooked food or something.

You're doing great!

On April 19, 2007, Wendi Dee wrote:

Thanks!! Maybe you are right--it did taste just like the cooked version, but it wasn't hot and the veggies were extra crisp. Jim even commented that it tasted like cooked food, just not hot.