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Jim here... It's been nearly half a year since we posted a long meditation on living patiently, noting the unique, sometimes-at-odds dovetail that exists between (1) experiencing the zen of patience and (2) living the electrically charged life of raw foods. While we're STILL living with the same patience we talked about, I have to admit there have been times when we've been in not-so pleasant touch with some real frustration about getting our home sold and finally moving on to all of the exciting stuff we have planned for us and for you.

Wendi and I are absolutely ecstatic about taking our raw foods message to the next level -- and not just "next level" meaning more a few more blog posts and videos, but a true quantum leap in terms of our immersion into this world and commitment to advocating the lifestyle. It just gets a little tough, even when practicing patience, to be kind of stuck in the starting gate.

Two arguments / explanations come to mind about this predicament:

A common one would be this: Well, maybe you're just not ready to embark upon this journey yet. You still have furniture to sell, an estate sale to hold, financial matters to attend to regarding the RV, administrative loose ends to tie up regarding leaving Pittsburgh once and for all, work to be done on your Raw Tour planning, etc. All of those are 100% true.

However, that's not the hold up. Want to know why? ... Parkinson's Law.

There was once a prolific British author named Cyril Northcote Parkinson who famously observed that "Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion." This became known as Parkinson's Law. It's a favorite concept of mine, one I personally believe in deeply and one I've seen play out in real life time and time again. I also frequently notice the related truth that the necessary work also usually contracts to fill a shorter available time for completion. Do you ever notice that ? If you're going to have a raw potluck, for example... If you have two hours to prepare, you get everything done in two hours. But if you only have one hour, you somehow get it all done in one.

I'm banking on that... I know we could be slowly selling off all of the furniture in the house, one piece at a time, in preparation for our big move. But, I guarantee you: If our home sells tomorrow and we're forced to get out within 30 days ... somehow, we'll get it all done in those 30 days.

So, it's just a matter of committing ourselves to conjuring a home buyer. I truly believe that's the bottom line, and we've been focused on doing that rather intently lately. I'm sure our home is advertised on at least 50 web sites at the moment. So, it'll happen! It's our clear intention to sell our home, so we know it'll happen.

Intention means a lot to us... A quick example: We were at the local co-op last night and saw some wonderfully healthy tomato and basil plants, each about two feet tall, for $1.50 each. It was hugely tempting to take 5 or 10 of each one home and start a small garden for the season. However, in the end, we felt that doing this (even if we might still be around for a harvest in a few months) was tantamount to investing energy into staying here in Pittsburgh. And, cheap tomatoes or not, abundant basil or not, that's simply not our intention. And, anyway, by the time the tomatoes would be ready, so will everyone else's locally, which means that'll be the time when they're the cheapest. (BTW, we have had some absolutely wonderful gardens over the past years here. Once we have land out West in the future, I'm sure we'll be posting amazing things on that front!)

So, living patiently, passing opportunities for cheap tomatoes... In spite of these unusual modes of existence, we've actually managed to continue "life as usual" as best we can. The recent Summertime Raw videos we posted are good examples of this. And we have some more coming up next week!? This weekend, we're taking a roadtrip to the Washington, D.C. area. It'll be a good opportunity to share some additional tips and tricks about staying raw while on the road. And, since it's summer, it should fit nicely into that series of videos.

So, have a nice weekend everyone! We look forward to sharing some "raw footage" next week!

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On June 28, 2009, MindXdreamz wrote:

Hi Jim, could you share your experience in regard to raw cacao and high blood pressure? My husband had been having it in his morning raw green and banana smoothie everyday for 3 months and then two weeks ago his BP went up for some reason every morning and all we could deduce was the cacao. (Though we are still testing to see what else could have had affected it/him). And if this is not where you'd like to post something about all this I understand and feel free to repost my comment elsewhere if at all - but we would be extremely grateful for your thoughts.

On June 28, 2009, MindXdreamz wrote:

In regard to your tomato and basil planting, er, shall I say, non-planting I think you made the best decision to forgo it for now. My son and daughter in law put in a wonderful small garden at their house this year and then their landlord died! Now they have to somehow manage to move everything (half grown now) and move to another home. So, planned or not, these things happen and since you know you'll be moving your wise to put your thoughts and energies toward that. IMHO.
The best to you all -