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Jim here... Anyone else like a good funky beat ? Who's familiar with Kool & the Gang's 1973 classic, "Jungle Boogie"? Surely a lot of people know that awesome tune. If you do, recall some of the main lyrics: "Get Down Get Down, Get Down Get Down!" That's the tune I want you to keep in mind as you read this post. Hear the drums, the bassline, the electric guitar, the horn section, the voices, the phrasing, the overall dynamics of that distinctive groove. Consider how magically it all comes together.

So, Wendi called me this morning and said, "Why don't you put a blog post up about your new challenge "

"Sure," I said, "but it's not really about raw foods, you know "

"But Pure Jeevan isn't entirely about the food!" she reminded me. "it's a holistic site!"

She's right! Holism recognizes that the whole is much, much greater than the sum of its parts. In this view, our entire beings are like musical emsembles. Sometimes we're orchestras, sometimes string quartets, sometimes we exude the energy of a 70s funk band. In this worldview, each aspect (mind, body, spirit, emotions) of our beings is not only a wonderful solo instrument in tune with itself, but also a contributor to a larger harmony. And so it makes sense from time to time, if you want the overall vibration that you can send out into the world to be pleasing and agreeable and dynamic, to spend some time tuning your various individual instruments in accordance with the essential, individual tonal vibration emanating from your core.

Now, it's true; we do tend to focus quite a lot here on just the food (and we're definitely fairly categorized as a "raw foods web site"), but only because we believe so strongly in the transformative power of raw foods to not only restore physical health and vitality, but to also lead one toward remarkable clarity on other levels -- mental, emotional, and spiritual.? So, yes, we do focus on the food a lot here -- and food is definitely key in each of these areas! -- yet it's really not about the food. It's more about identifying and basking in that individual tonal vibration I'd mentioned above. And when you find that vibration, you not only begin to shine individually, but you'll recognize an even greater holism (namely, your harmony with everyone and everything else in the larger cosmic orchestra).

Fun stuff... BUT, you still have to "tune" the individual instruments (your body, your mind, your spirit, your emotions).One way to begin the tuning process is via raw foods. Clearly, we're focused on that here. For many (like us) it isn't/wasn't even so much about "tuning" the instrument as it is/was about repairing the instrument! But, once it's repaired, it needs to be in tune. On a physical level, that means exercise. (I realize, btw, that this isn't a perfect metaphor largely because, as a runner, I know fully that exercise can be much more than a physical experience. But, anyway...)

If there's one thing the universe keeps telling me, it's to take action on my ideas. I've heard and read this so many times now, it's amazing. I was always pretty good at doing this, too. But, after being raw for so long now, and after truly committing myself to a life outside of the corporate paradigm, I've finally understood the remarkably abundant nature of the world, glimpsed the absolute freedom available to those who really want it. As a result of this, I've taken the mantra of "take action" to heart like never before. It's decisions, not just desires, that really drive the world on all levels. You can't just want something (e.g. a nice physique), you have to decide that you're going to go for it.(I was just reading that exact sentiment in Tony Robbin's book, Awaken The Giant Within.) It does begin with wanting, but you also must decide.

So, anyway, I had this crazy notion about a week ago to start a "push-up video blog."? I thought, "Why not do 100 pushups every day (5 days/week), and do videos about it " What a strange idea... I'm not sure where exactly it came from. But, I instantly liked it for many reasons. I thought that committing myself to doing a short "vlog" every day would provide me with all of the motivation I'd need to actually DO it, and to stick to it. So, right then I decided. Instead of thinking it all through, I simply recognized this as a positive thing, and took action. I immediately ordered a $50 Flip video camera from Amazon and told myself that the day it arrives is Day 1.

Day 1 was yesterday. I'm in a bit of physical pain from it, but fully intend to stick it out and have a good time with this. I hope others will be inspired to join in, or to join in with some other modification (e.g., making it situps or some other daily physical exercise goal). There's nothing to sign up for or register for. It's basically just a personal commitment. I did start a YouTube channel for the vids, as well as a quick and dirty blog site to house all of the videos. The blog (which is still somewhat under construction) appears at (which redirects to a free site where I have it housed). I hope it'll both inspire others and also introduce some new people to the power raw foods (demonstrating that you can definitely be athletic and raw!).

So that's today's news: 100 push-ups/day, 5 days/week!? That's what I'm up to... (Wish me luck!)

Afterword: The Synchronicity Affirming This

Ever hear people telling stories about how synchronicities are the Universe's way of nodding to us that we're on the right path ? Well here's something pretty neat. I subscribe to a daily newsletter from Basically, it's a free service that sends you a daily "message from the Universe."? They're pretty neat (all very positive and empowering). Here's the one that came to me Monday:

If you can understand, dear Jim, that the 3 greatest obstacles between you and the life of your wildest dreams are actually imaginary, a product of your mind alone, I do believe we'll blow the wheels clear off this popsicle stand.

"Push-Ups" for everyone,

?? The Universe

Now, I know that they meant "push-ups" as in the ice cream, but it's still pretty cool, eh?

EDIT: Here's Jim's first 100 push-ups video...

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On June 24, 2009, Mary Laredo wrote:

This is a worthy challenge but after watching days 1&2 I'm worried you're going to injure yourself before you get to day 5. Considering that it's been years since you've done push-ups maybe you should build up to 100/day instead of starting with that many. Seriously, you should consider taking a rest day before continuing. In any case, you've inspired me to work harder at my push-ups so thank you! - Mary Laredo

On June 24, 2009, Christina wrote:

Well done Jim - good on ya! You've inspired me to join you (though at a MUCH reduced and more sedate pace!) I'm going to start off slow, and build up very gradually - I reckon that tiny, baby steps building up consistently over time is the way to go for me in order to keep at it and not burn out too soon. All strength to you!

On June 24, 2009, rawpomona wrote:

Very inspiring! I went and signed up for the TUT affirmations.

On June 25, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Hi Mary- LOL, Well, it probably *looks* particularly awful on video because I'm videoing myself right at the time of doing it, which isn't so pretty given my not being used to doing pushups. However, I don't think there will be any true or lasting injury. Right now, it's just that my chest & tricepts are kind of being worked to the point of failure, which has never been dangerous for me. I used to do a lot of weightlifting in college & routinely pushed things to this level. But, I AM definitely sore!!! In my experience, the pain will fade in a few days & then I'll soon afterward get used to doing 100 pushups/day. Within a few weeks, I hope it'll be 100 in a row. I also hope that publicly showing people the rather painful process might inspire a few people -- encouraging them by publicly showing that there is a *process* to building up strength, and that it's okay if it takes a long time to build up to something (whether it's pushups or anything else in life!). Good to hear from you. Keep in touch! -Jim

On June 25, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Good on YOU, Christina!!! Please keep in touch and let me know how you're doing with it. I decided to focus on just one exercise (push-ups) because I knew that, by committing to doing those consistently, it would also likely encourage me to do other physically active/challenging things as well. Already, I've found some fun things to do between sets. :-)

On June 25, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Cool! The TUT affirmation emails are the BEST. Every once in a while, it's like magic or something -- you really get a message that seems SO tailored to your own experience in some mystical way (like that pushup one I quoted).

On June 25, 2009, Barbara wrote:

Jim, you've inspired me. Last night, after watching you work on day 2, I went and did an upper body toning routine that I haven't done in close to a year. I have been telling myself that I wanted to get started back into it, but haven't made the time. When I saw you working so hard, I thought, hey, I gotta go for it. I'm going to be doing it every other day to give my muscles a rest and a chance to rebuild, taking baby steps and working my way back up. Super excited about it. Thanks!
I gotta say though, I am a little worried about you too. Gosh, 100 pushups 5 days in a row? Please listen to your body the way that you do with foods so that you give it what it needs to build up to the strength you want. I know some soreness is expected, but just as with nutrition, I do believe your body will tell you when you are pushing it too hard.
By the way, you also helped me out with the video on taking raw foods with you to a picnic. We went into DC with some friends who were visiting and I brought some snacks for myself, just in case we still be down there at lunch time and the only options were street vendors and such. Just as you said, I ended up sharing my yummy food with others and I was so content to NOT have any of the McDonald's food (yuck) that everyone else was checking out next to the museum!
That's two significant victories in two days. Yay!

On June 25, 2009, Jim Dee wrote:

Wow, thanks Barbara! I think your every-other-day routine is awesome, btw. It doesn't matter what the individual program or regimen is, anyway; rather, it's the power of the DECISION to do something and to commit to it.

Thanks again for the concern... I know it's a tough goal / regimen I set up for myself, and it may hurt a bit now. But, I think it's within my limits, so I'm pushing myself a bit. And, even though it's tough, I'm having a good time with it. You just get to see the *grueling* part (but even then I'm having fun with it).

I'm doing that same thing this weekend in DC, btw -- bringing plenty of raw foods along. I also plan to check out some DC raw foodie places like Senbeb and one other (the name escapes me now... Wendi went there once, though).

Best of luck & let me know how your program is going!

ps Great smile in that picture! :-)