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April 13, 2008

I noticed that since I ve been eating only mono meals, I seem to be consistently sleeping eight hours a night, as opposed to nine, or more. It s a dreary day today, yet I don t feel like I m tired or down, which is how I normally feel when there s not enough sunshine.


All I have to mono eat today are Valencia oranges. I don t feel like eating them, though. If I blend them, the seeds make the smoothie bitter (and I don t feel like picking out all of the seeds. Our hand juicing device is broken the metal peg has somehow gone missing.

Jim agreed to somehow make the hand juicer work and he juiced up almost two cups of fresh orange juice for me! It was great!


Just returned from shopping. They had no melons at all, which really made me sad. I was looking forward to a cantaloupe day. Can you believe they had no bananas, either? I was stuck walking back and forth, looking at the fruits over and over again deciding what to choose for my next few meals. I settled on some apples and navel oranges. Since I started my day with the orange juice, I decided to just continue with the oranges.

I ve decided that I really love navel oranges, but Valencia oranges only taste fantastic to me if they are juiced. The seeds are too bitter for smoothies, and there are too many seeds to eat without constantly picking them out. Plus, they don t taste as sweet as the navel oranges. The ones I just ate were extremely juice and sweet. Yum!

So, I ll continue eating the oranges until they either run out or I m tired of them. Then I ll switch to the apples. I hope that s enough to get me through to dinner time on Tuesday, when I can then eat something other than a mono meal. I wonder what I ll eat !

I was telling Jim that I feel like my sinuses are clearer, or something, even though I don t generally think of myself as someone who has blocked/congested sinuses. It s almost as though the air comes in and easily travels down to fill my lungs. My breaths are so much deeper, so much clearer. My lungs feel very empty and happy, almost, to receive so much air. I m much more aware of my breath on this mono experiment, for some reason (maybe because I m able to breathe clearer/deeper for some reason ).

My energy is better than it usually is. I ve never experienced that bouncing-off-the-walls excess energy that most raw foodists talk about. That s probably because I m always low in iron, and many times low in B12. However, my stores of both those things should be the same, or less, since I started this mono eating. So, the increase in energy is either because I am not consuming fats, or because of my digestion getting less work (or both). I m certainly not feeling like I have enough energy to tackle all of the tasks I want to accomplish, however. It s just a small increase, but noticeable.

I fell a bit short tempered. I don t feel angry, but I don t feel as though I tolerate as much. Is it because of some sort of detox?

I didn t meditate today, since the meditation room is under construction. I could have sat in another room, but I didn t really feel drawn to do that, so I didn t. I did, however, take a sauna and that felt great. The skin on my face, however, needed a lot of moisturizer before I left the house for grocery shopping. My skin is very dry and flaky. Actually, my skin feels even less smooth than it normally does. There is an increase in the tiny bumps under my skin on my face (to the left and right of my nose, but not all the way up on my ckeeks).

This way of eating, even though I m craving salty, oily, herb- and spice-infused foods, feels so easy. I m referring to the ease of just washing and eating (and sometimes peeling). It s not all that easy to eat this way, however, especially when I see and smell more complicated foods.


I blended up six navel oranges and ate them like a pudding that was too thin. I couldn t finish it all, however, so the rest is in the fridge for a snack tonight. It was pretty good, but I do love the orange pudding that I normally eat with cashews blended in and blueberries added at the end.

As good as I feel, and I guess the feeling that I m having is a ?clean? feeling (I m not talking about a clean digestive system I mean an overall clean, light feeling that seems to come from this sense of truly being able to breathe deeply), I still want to go back to eating more complex foods.

Emotionally, I think I sometimes feel is an underlying sense of sadness. It s probably the reason for me wanting to eat the denser and more sedating foods. I don t know where it s coming from, since I m not consciously sad about anything. However, I do feel there s something right beneath the surface that is extremely sorrowful, or something, and as much as I know I should probably go on some sort of major detox and just get it over with, I have a feeling that now is not the time for it.

You know, I ve come so far in the past two to three years. I think I need this break of just enjoying the tremendous benefits from all that I ve been working on and changing within and outside of myself. Yes, I m going to stay content at this moment in time. I know when it s time to move deeper into myself, to release the final toxins from my body, mind, and emotions, I ll be ready for it.

Total Expense for oranges consumed: about $9.50

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On April 13, 2008, Penni wrote:

I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on emotions, detox, eating, cravings, etc. It's all connected and it is still a bit of a puzzle to me as well. I know I still have work yet to be done. I suppose we are all a continual work in progress. I am sad you couldn't find melon too....I love cantaloupe so much!

On April 15, 2008, Wendi wrote:

I think some very brave people forge ahead and face all of their demons (detox) as quickly as possible. For me, it's better to take it slowly. That's one of the reasons I am not ready for juice feasting--that may bring the detox on too quickly for me. You are very brave!

Lots of love to you,