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My nine days of mono meal eating are over! I'll write about the final day tomorrow.

April 14, 2008

Today I have even more energy. My tongue is coated more, however. It s not horrible, but it s definitely less red and more of a light pink. My eyes have continued to feel dry and my eyelids are heavy. What causes that, I wonder? My nails are whiter and harder, but they still break and rip when I m working around the house.


I ate the two remaining navel oranges this morning and they were very good sweet and juicy. Now I m starting to feel a bit hungry. I keep looking at the tomatoes, thinking I might want to do a mono meal with tomatoes, but when if I start them and then I don t want any more? I m so used to eating tomatoes with salt and oil, the thought of consuming them without either makes me wonder if I d really like them as much. The other option will be apples. I guess I ll see what I decide once I m in the kitchen. ;-)


Okay, I looked at the tomatoes, then at the large bowl of apples, then at the tomatoes. I definitely felt more drawn to the tomatoes, so that s what I chose. I ate one pint of grape tomatoes and they were great! I have another pint for later. I don t know if I d enjoy the larger, slicing tomatoes as much as the grape tomatoes, though. I think I wanted the tomatoes because I m really kind of sick of the sweet fruits. What I want is a lot of green stuff, oil, salt, and herbs/spices!!


I finished the second pint of tomatoes. They were really good and I probably would have eaten more of them if I had some. The slicing tomatoes just don t look like something I want to eat right now. So, when I m hungry later, I think I m switching to the apples. They should be able to carry me through until tomorrow evening when I make a meal of a lot more than one item to consume! I ve decided I want a salad, followed by beet pasta with alfredo sauce, sprinkled with finely chopped parsley.


On the way to drop KDcat off at her rehearsal, I ate an apple. Now I m sitting here with a bowl of three other apples cut up into slices. They don t taste awesome to me. I think my mind is concentrating too much on my meal tomorrow evening (haha). Apples are so much better in the Autumn. Anyway, that s what I have for dinner this evening, and breakfast and lunch tomorrow. Then I m done with the nine days!!


I ve eaten about one third of the apples and I just don t want the rest of them. I ll eat them, though, so that I am not going to sleep hungry this evening. I wonder what it means that I am having a difficult time during this last 24 hours? UGH! I just want it to be over with. I think if I had bananas it would be easy. Maybe the apples are too light, or something, in my stomach.


You won t believe this!! I m going to have a major blog entry tomorrow about this. It s complicated to write briefly, but the fast was supposed to end TODAY! My agony on this final day never needed to exist! So, here it is almost 7:30pm and I am eating a salad. It s too late to make the pasta dish I was wanting that will happen tomorrow!


I m headed to bed, but I wanted to write that my salad was awesome. However, now I have a bit of a sore throat. I also forgot to write that earlier today, before I ate the salad, my ears felt more congested than usual and I was getting a weird popping kind of sinus sound when I d talk (which happened in the past). I think it was from the tomatoes (which I ve had sensitivities to in the past). I ll write more about the end of my nine days tomorrow.

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On April 16, 2008, Melissa wrote:

Oh...I've had that weird popping in my ears when I've been raw before! I'll have to see if it happens now, and if any particular foods are more likely to cause it. Thanks for mentioning it.

On April 20, 2008, Wendi Dee wrote:


If you figure it out, let me know. I'm pretty sure mine came from the tomatoes. The tomatoes had wax on them, though, so it could have been from the wax. :-/

Lots of love to you,