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I'm feeling a lot better this morning. I think that drinking the orange juice (that I watered down, since it was way too sweet) last night helped my stomach digest all of those nuts! I need to remember to eat in moderation when it comes to dehydrated nut meals. It was just tasty and convenient and that's why I ate so much of it. :-P


* 1/2 a cantaloupe blended into a smoothie

* some pinenuts

* veggie salad: red and yellow pepper, cucumber, parsley, lemon, flax oil, garlic powder, salt, pine nuts

* more veggie salad with pine nuts

* 1/2 of a raw cookie (cherries, hazelnuts, agave) that I didn't care for.

* One pack of curry nori wraps

* salad eaten with more of the veggie salad, in addition to carrots

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On July 30, 2007, lafiora wrote:

I read somewhere that you're supposed to soak any nuts you eat before consuming overnight or something? I'll have to research to see where I read it, but it said that nuts were super hard to digest and that makes them easier. I've also read alot of forums whre people complain of nuts and belly of course the 'good' stuff is always the pain in the ass ;)

On July 31, 2007, Wendi Dee wrote:

Yes, I read about that. I sometimes soak them--it gets the inhibitors off--but, most times I don't. They do seem easier to digest when they are soaked, so I should be more conscious about how I'm eating them from now on.