Today is farm pickup day! Yay!! This year's CSA is FANTASTIC!!! We sometimes get so much produce, I wonder if it will all fit in the fridge. They are very generous with the veggies and it's all so wonderful! They send updates each week about what's going on at the farm, with pictures of the veggies that are growing and being planted (as well as other pics). It's great and I love it! The pickup is fairly close to my home, too, where last year's took me forever to get there and back. I'll update later with what we were given this week.

UPDATE: Here's what we got from the farm today: parsley, basil, fennel, scallions, beets with greens, cauliflower, 3 heads lettuce, carrots with greens, bag of lettuce greens (like dandelion, arugula, etc.), 4 HUGE zucchini, 3 yellow squash, cucumber, 2 bags green beans, head of cabbage!!! Yay!


* banana

* veggie salad (tomatoe, red and yellow pepper, chives, lemon, flax oil, salt, garlic powder) sprinkled with some pine nuts

* about six honey dates

* mashed cauliflower with macademias, oil, salt, garlic

* about six more honey dates