For the past few days my stomach was upset. I felt like nothing was digesting and I had a general belly ache. I wondered if it was from the cashew nut milk I made for myself (because I've had stomach upsets after cashew nut milk, before), but I've had some stressfull stuff in my life and wasn't sure whether it was that, or the milk. Well, I had a good long cry yesterday and today my stomach is feeling so much better. I still don't know if it was the milk or the stress, however, since maybe the cashew nut milk finally digested and that's why I'm feeling okay. Who knows. I do want to remember that I had a tummy upset after drinking cashew nut milk, however, in case it happens again.

All has been going well with eating 100% raw. I pranked (April Fool's Day) my family and friends by saying that I ate some cooked food, but really I didn't. ;-)   Lately, I've been thinking about eating more fruit. I have been reading about Dr. Graham's beliefs about fats and insulin resistance and maybe he's right. I'm not sure, since I didn't actually read his book (it's $30 plus shipping, not available through the library) or try out his plan for easier diegestion/absorption. My husband seemed to like the idea of trying it, so maybe I'll order the book once I pay our bills.

Our seedlings are doing really well. I wish we could put everything outside already. It was so beautiful for a couple of days, but now it's getting cold again and I heard we could be getting some snow tomorrow( !). So, I must be patient. I'm soooo looking forward to the farm CSA this year. I hope they allow me to be a dropoff location, so I don't have to go anywhere to pick up my veggies *and* I get a pretty good discount on the share. I'm doing a full share, of course. It's super expensive ($700) to pay in one big lump, but it's about $30 a week and we spend way more than that each week on produce. I mean WAY more than that. This organic, raw eating is hugely expensive--but, I've already said that before. It's worth it, though. My husband is looking FANTASTIC and I'm feeling better and better, too. 

I forgot to update on my stats. I haven't taken a pic since the first of January. I have been jotting down my weight, however, so that I can look back at everything. I went down four pounds since last month (still averaging about one pound per week). My body shape keeps shifting and looking healthier. I seem to notice the physical changes in my body more than the weight moving from the scale.