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Today, we'd like to take the time to introduce some raw athletes who continually inspire others. There is a huge misunderstanding about the need for protein in our bodies, especially within the world of competetive sports. Many believe that without large amounts of protein we can't be strong, we can't build muscle. Raw athletes are proving that a vegan diet not only supplies enough energy to sustain the human body during competition, it also allows them to many times outperform competitors who are half their age.

Who Would Win

the raw food-eating


the strongest

meat-eating human


Take the Time to Meet

Richard Blackman, Tonya Kay, and Tim VanOrden!

(Richard Blackman)

Richard Blackman is a long time Fruitarian, certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, and he has brought all of his many years of exerience together to create F.I.T.S. As a wholistic health and fitness system for motivated individuals and ahtletes, F.I.T.S. intergrates intense play and fun, functional training, natural nutrition, intuitive eating, and a healthy lifestyle, just the way mother nature intended. Blackman's approach to health and fitness is unique; his primary focus is not on using food as a "body builder" or to "self medicate" emotions, instead the focus is on using fitness and activity as a tool to bring fun to life, to strengthen the body both internally and externally, and to listen to what nutrients the body actually needs to be replaced. To find out more about this extremely strong and fit trainer, visit his site and forum at

(Tonya Kay)

Tonya Kay is an athlete, member of the Off-Broadway phenomenon STOMP, actress, and professional dancer. She consumes raw foods, and considers water to be the most important part of her diet. Eleven million viewers witnessed Kay spinning fire poi (check out her site to see what it is--Wendi wants to learn poi!) in the semi-finals of Simon Cowell's America's Got Talent television show.To learn more about this amazingly beautiful and multi-talented raw foodist, visit her pages at or

(Tim VanOrden)

Tim VanOrden's mission is to show the world that athletes who eat exclusively raw, whole, plant foods can not only stand atop the world stage, but can achieve levels of performance not possible on a conventional diet. He hopes to inspire other athletes to take up this challenge and leave doping and steroids behind. As this movement grows, VanOrden's dream is for these athletes to become role models for children, and help to educate people around the world about the benefits of choosing this lifestyle. He believes that athletics transcends, race, religion and politics, and is capable of inspiring all that witness it's expressions of grace, power, and speed. To find out more about VanOrden (and his goal to make it into the Olympics as a raw athlete!), visit his inspiring site at ?


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On February 14, 2008, Tonya Kay wrote:

Thank you so much for taking the time to write up just a few of the raw vegan athletes out there doin' it - there are so many more that we dont' know about. Say hi, eveyone!

Tonya Kay