For breakfast, I opened up the young coconut I bought the other day. It was filled with coconut water. I poured it all into the Vitamix, scooped out the flesh and added that. Then I tossed in two frozen bananas, about three small dates, and a few handfuls of almonds. I blended it up and it's like heaven!!!! YUM!!! My daughter took half of it and added carob powder. I loved it just the way it was. I had a small amount saved for later in the day, too.

I'm feeling sluggish and tired after a few days of eating wheat. I like that I can see, now, which foods cause me to feel like I'm dragging.


Smoothie made with coconut, banana, dates, almonds

Some leftover quinoa salad

Leftover smoothie from this morning

HUGE plate of steamed green beans (yes, picked up the farm produce today) with vegan butter

one very small piece of bread with bruscetta topping my husband made