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Here they are!! Images from the 3-Day Raw Food Spiritual Ashram Retreat! There were more taken by the ashram staff; once they are sent to me, I'll include those, as well.

Page One: Guests

Page Two: Raw Food

Page Three: Yoga

Page Four: Ashram Grounds

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On June 12, 2008, yardsnacker wrote:

Beautiful grounds, beautiful people, and the food oh my gosh the food! Amazing! I'm getting tickets to your town right NOW! lol

On June 12, 2008, Melissa wrote:

FANTASTIC pictures! Thanks for posting them. It looks like it was so much fun. Absolutely amazing.



On June 13, 2008, hihorosie wrote:

Great great pictures! The food looks fabulous, the guests look happy and the ground are beautiful.

Some of those pictures were really great shots - the ones in particular I liked were taken in the grass and the closeup of the bird is great. If KDcat took those she did amazing.

Thanks for sharing a wonderful experience!

On June 16, 2008, Sarah wrote:

Wonderful photos, Wendi! Everyone looks so happy and peaceful, and the food looks colorful and delish. Congratulations on a successful event, and many more to come I'm sure!

On July 2, 2008, Rawbin wrote:

Hey, I'm just getting around to seeing how your retreat went. I recognized one of your guests as twitter @langelbleu 's friend Nic. She and I met at the Spirit Bliss Farm tour from Natural Zing last month. Sweet girl.

You're pictures look lovely and the food looks great. I'm glad it was a success!